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Expert full go game. It includes a Shinkaya goban 3 cm, biconvex Yunzi stones..

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Expert full go game. It includes a Shinkaya goban 3 cm, biconvex Yunzi stones. This refined set harmoniously blends the sample buttons of the two nations where the tradition of go, China and Japan was born.

The shinkaya solid wood board is the most used in the world of go. The color and texture of this goban can be combined with any type of stones.

Originally, traditional Japanese boards were made from a Japanese wood called Kaya. Because of the very high price of this precious wood, the Japanese have been switching to another type of wood with an aesthetic similar to kaya but less expensive. Thus, today, most Japanese boards are made from a wood called Shin kaya (shin means «new » in Japanese). It is also called Alaskan pine or asperata picea.

Yunzi biconvex stones are Japanese in that is, lentil-shaped. These top quality stones are used in official Asian tournaments. Dense, thick and very pleasant when playing with their velvety feel, they are considered as the go stones par excellence.

According to history, yunzi stones, manufactured in China's Yunnan Province, were used by professional, school players and were regarded as precious gifts at the time of Tang Dynasty. The process of making these stones remains secret. According to rumour, Yunzi stones result from a combination of agate and rocks from the Yunnan Mountains.

Board: 3cm*42.5cm* 45.5cm
Weight: 3.2kg
Stones: 9mm*21.5mm

Type: Go game.

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