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Leap Pro Chess Clock.


New Leap Pro chess watch. (PQ9903). Optionones game : Count down, Bonus (Fischer), Delay (Bronstein), Restrict, Time options, and the Byo-yomi for go game (Professional and Canadian).

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New chess clock. (PQ9903).


-Chess watch Competition recreation.

-Feasy programming.

-Modification of game options and paparameters at all times (at the beginning or during the game).

-Different time programming for each possible player.

-Sonora alarm function.

-A total of 6 game options and 29 types of rules, with the possibility to change or customize each of the rules (time, options and pparameters).

Optionones game :

-Count down : 2 types

-Bonus (Fischer) : 6 types

-Delay (Bronstein): 3 types

-Restrict: 5 types

-Time options : 9 types

-Byo-yomi for go game: 4 types (Includes byo-yomi Professional and Canadian).