Welcome to the aobo-shop.es

¿Aobo? A palabrita with Japanese and African sonority that perfectly reflects the universe of our shop : a temple dedicated to games and traditional and multi-ethnic objects out of the ordinary.

Since its creationin 2009, the aobo-shop.es shop proposes a pleasant journey into a multicultural, playful and educational world, open to both fans of games and foreign cultures, as well as people who are curious about atypical products and are sensitive to the design and peculiar character of the wonders presented by aobo. Through our website, you can discover that each game and object carries its intrigues, specificities, stories or legends. Finda all kinds of strategic and tactical games, both traditional and modern, as well as puzzles, puzzles and peculiar objects coming from the four corners of the globe. The aobo-shop.es also consists of a bookstore on different games, ludo-educational and fun books or books related to diverse and exciting cultures.

We put into play all the necessary means in order to propose quality and original products, rigorously selected, and we will gladly try to help you get the game or object that you have not been able to find.


Traditional strategy or tactical games such as classic, Japanese or Chinese chess games, go game, mah jong, backgammon, classic or Chinese ladies, Indian carrom, solitaire, various kinds of material and accessories.

Also modern strategy and tactics games such as Abalone, Othello or Reversi, Shimpai, etc.


Discover original and playful objects such as Kendama or Himitsu Bako (Japanese secret box) that will make you travel back in time, history and cultures.


aobo-shop.es rests on the competencies of a team of true amateurs and specialists, reactive and always attentive to the customer to satisfy their expectations and demands as best as possible. aobo is committed to the quality of the products and service offered. The members of the aobo-shop team being polyglots, the client will be able to receive the necessary attention and responses to their queries in both French, Spanish and English.

For information, suggestions, technical or after-sales questions, do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the aobo team:

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  • Phone: +33 1 41 66 30 01 / +33 1 41 66 30 02
  • Languages spoken: French, Spanish, English and Chinese