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Lewis Big Model Chess Pieces


These resin chess pieces are copied over Lewis' famous figurines. These pieces were found in 1831.

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These resin chess pieces are copied over Lewis' famous figurines, chess pieces from one of the few medieval boards that still exist. These pieces have been found in 1831 on a sandy beach near Uig Bay, on the west coast of Lewis Island, one of the Hebrides Islands. The pieces have been sculpted in walrus ivory and some in whale teeth. They would have been made in Norway in the 12th century, perhaps by a trondheim craftsman. Some historians think Lewis' figurines would have been hidden or lost after a problem during their transport from Norway to the rich Norwegian colonies on Ireland's east coast. All pieces are carved with human figures, except pawns that are small sculptures similar to engraved funeral stones. Horses are depicted mounted by knights armed with spears and shields. King's height: 9 cm. King's base: 3.2x4.4 cm. Pawn height: 4.2 cm. Pawn base: 1.7x2.1cm.